You will find here posts about problems I encountered and solutions I found, as well as discoveries I made and thought were interesting to talk about.

Asynchronous select for dynamic forms with Vue 3

4 Oct 2021
6'6 min read

When working with generic forms, I came across another asynchronous behaviour issue. These forms were generated from a json schema, and some <select> fields nee…

Rebuilding my website for accessibility

9 Nov 2020
7'7 min read

I recently decided to rebuild my website from scratch (apart from content) with accessibility in mind. I want to share with you why accessibility matters so muc…

Handling async authentication flow in React with Redux & Redux-Saga

30 Jun 2020
11'11 min read

Redux is an amazing state management solution but it doesn't allow proper handling of asynchronous operations. You may have heard of a common solution that is t…

Dark mode in a React app with Context and Styled-components

22 May 2020
7'7 min read

I hate light themes. And I have fairly good reasons to: chronic migraine, eye dryness... And I wish every website offered me the possibility to use a darker the…

Authentication for REST APIs with NestJs and JWT

19 Apr 2020
16'16 min read

The JavaScript environment may be amazing for frontend work, there are also plenty of solutions for the backend. Express being a really good base, it can quickl…

Forwarding Reddit submissions to Discord & Twitter automatically

15 Mar 2020
9'9 min read

Now that our Discord bot can execute commands, how about we add more features into it? Reddit is a well known platform used by many communities to share around …

Command and Factory patterns in a Discord bot with TypeScript

24 Feb 2020
9'9 min read

In my previous post, we implemented a Discord bot using TypeScript and Discord.JS and hosted it on Heroku. The bot was quite simple to say the least. We usually…

Making a Discord bot with TypeScript and deploying to Heroku

20 Jan 2020
7'7 min read

As being part of communities (mostly revolving around gaming), I use Discord a lot. With the exponential growth of the platform arrived the use of Bots. They al…

From hate to love, a JavaScript story

21 Dec 2019
8'8 min read

My mother used to tell me: "only fools never change their mind". Well, mother knows best, because I did it. Let's be honest here, who never made fun of JavaScri…